Peruvian  Wavy
Top quality hair that is fuller from top to bottom. This is one of our grade 5A hair
which makes it look elegant always.
Peruvian Body wave
Malaysian  Body wave
Virgin Malaysian
Virgin Cambodian
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We supply only Premium Quality Virgin Hair: Unprocess

All clients are given personal, hands on care, In a private and comfortable atmosphere.* 
Just like gold, this hair is hard to find and one of a kind. Seeing is believing.  It's our top seller
Can't say enough about this hair it's full it's easy to style and care for due to it's 
versatile. Can be  bleach & dye
This hair is durable and widely sought after. Hair can be wavy or straight. Very easy to care for.  Natural appeal.
This hair is very rare which makes it expensive.  Great longevity and makes your styles effortless.
 Styles By: Nakia Newson Jackson
* Heavenly Hair of the World *

* Hair prices are subject to change without notice*
** Call in advance for lengths 20" and longer **
Prentonia  (702) 813-3449
Tracy         (702) 812-3566

Peruvian Deep Wave
Stylist: Nikki (702-743-3770)

Styles:  Mizz NikkI  ( Erica White)

Styles By: Candies Martin-Coats
Virgin  Peruvian
This hair origin from South America. It's  flawless, light & bouncy. Hair colors easily. Look like a Celebrity with this beautiful quality hair.